Jan 15, 2013

Snowing in Tokyo!

It was snowing in Tokyo yesterday!
Watch your step!!

My rain boots are pink flower one ;)

Jan 11, 2013


I had a new year's party ;)

Pearl color Tops (3.1 Phillip LIM )

Jan 2, 2013

Doota! in Seoul


Knit parka (Doota! in Seoul, Korea)

Everytime when I visit Seoul I go to Doota!.
Doota! is the one of famous fashion buildung in Korea. There are more cheaper place in Seoul but it's still much cheaper than Tokyo.
I like shopping in Seoul because there are cheap and cute :) it calls YASUKAWA(Yasui = cheap, Kawaii = cute) in Japanese ;)


What is your birthstone?
My birthstone is aquamarine but I always want diamond stuff ;) Actually I supposed to born in April (=it is diamond) but accidently I was born in March ;p That's why I like diamonds ;p <3

Earrings (Ettika in US onlineshop)
Necklace (ete in Tokyo)

Jan 1, 2013

Step by Step!

Boots (NINE WEST in Honolulu, HI)
Tights (H&M in Tokyo)

The Winter

Wool coat (Edition in Tokyo)

We had few photo shootings in last December and took a lot of photo so I'm going to upload piece by piece.
Sorry for it's taking time but I will!
I know the winter is ending but we still have more winter photos!

Thank you for reading, kisses



bracelets (josephine in Seoul. Korea)


Onepiece (ZARA in Tokyo)


Happy New Year!!!!
I hope that 2013 finds you happy and successful.
Best wishes for the New Year!

Love, Yuki and Ayumi

Sable scarf (FERRARA in Seoul,Korea)