Sep 29, 2011

The biginning of autumn

Sheepskin neck piece (And Accessoire in Tokyo)

About us

Hi there, thank you for coming here "Piece by Piece -Fashion Photo Blog-" !

Yuki is a photographer and Ayumi is a model in this blog.  We choose fashion items whatever we like, and we report it at random.
We decided to create something new together, have just started! We hope that it will be a great place for both of us and girls in the world :)

こんにちは。「Piece by Piece -Fashion Photo Blog-」にご訪問いただきありがとうございます!

このブログはYuki(photographer)とAyumi(model)が管理しています。 気になる・好きなアイテムを勝手にクローズアップして掲載していきます!

Our dreams will come true piece by piece :)
Yuki & Ayumi